Raspberry Pi - 8GB SD Card

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Description: This is an 8GB micro SDHC card that is pre-installed with the Raspbian operating system for the Raspberry Pi. This SD card and adapter is perfect for a Raspberry Pi first timer or beginner while still providing convenience for anyone with more experience with the platform. This little card allows you to start using your Raspberry Pi straight out of the box without worrying about imaging it on your own.

Note: The software on this card is compatible with all Raspberry Pi Model A, A+, B, B+, and RPi2 boards.

Note: This SD Card used to contain NOOBS, a system image with six different Linux based operating systems including, Archlinux, OpenELEC, Pidora, RaspBMC, Raspbian and RiscOS. Unfortunately our supplier has removed each operating system except for Raspbian. A link to download NOOBS can be found in the Documents section below.


  • 1x 8GB MicroSD Card (Raspbian Pre-Installed)
  • 1x MicroSD to SD Adapter